Apex Type 3


Apex T3

Crestline’s Apex Type III ambulance is a cost effective, advanced life support vehicle for urban settings with a spacious operational environment, a high level of ergonomics and an abundance of safety features. The Apex is built to provide the smoothest ride with advanced maneuverability for crowded city streets.

Spacious Ergonomic Design
The Apex's ergonomic design provides a spacious patient compartment with the choice of an optional CPR seat or full cabinets. Features rear jump kit storage with adjustable shelves as well as an extended cab space with additional seat recline and storage.

Antimicrobial Interior
Inhibits the growth of microorganisms on surfaces inside the ambulance and provides a clean, safe environment for paramedics and patients.

LED Emergency Lights
Includes all LED interior and exterior lighting. Interior lighting options provide a more peaceful environment during long patient transports.

High Capacity HVAC System

Insulated duct and adjustable vents improves climate control performance, durability and service.

Steetside Exterior Compartments

Provides convenient access to the power distribution compartment and exterior space for horizontal backboard and stretcher storage.
Compartment Specifications

Chevy Chassis
Wheelbase: 139"
G3500 Diesel 12,300 GVWR
G3500 Gas 12,300 GVWR

Ford Chassis
Wheelbase: 138"
E350 Gas 11,500 GVWR

Body Style: Aerobody
Module Length: 151"
Module Width: 90"
Interior Headroom: 66"

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