The Crestline Advantage!


CrestlineSince 1975, Crestline has paved the way for industry innovations such as; the Aerobody – an all aluminum aerodynamic module body that is low weight, highly durable and fuel-efficient with superior handling characteristics. Our exclusive CrestCoat powder-coat finish that eliminates corrosion, lowers operational costs and vehicle downtime. CrestClean antimicrobial ambulance interiors that protects surfaces from microorganisms and greatly improves infection control. With a focus on designs with ergonomic flexibility that improve patient access while providing a comfortable and safe working environment. Innovations such as O2 To Go System were developed to reduce the risk of paramedic injuries and to increase the speed of medical assistance.

FLIR K-Series Firefighter Thermal Imaging Cameras


FLIR K-SeriesBuilt tough, FLIR K40 and K50 fire service TICs are simpler to use and make it easier to see under the most challenging conditions. A larger, brighter display shows FLIR’s renowned thermal image quality with extra clarity. Five imaging modes help speed tactical decisions and the search for survivors. Oversized buttons allow effortless gloved-handed operation. And FLIR’s innovation and manufacturing economies of scale make the K40 and K50 the most affordable thermal imaging cameras (TICs) in their class, putting more thermal imaging power into the hands of more first responders.


Vendor Spotlight - Innotex


InnotexWhen buying turnout gear, what are we as firefighters looking for? Of course the standard is comfort and protection. But how many really look past the “popular” label and dig deep into the overwhelming fancy marketing campaigns to know exactly what you are wearing.

Let’s face it…Regardless of the brand of gear you are wearing the fabrics most likely came from the same mills. From this aspect, it is pretty much equal grounds. Where it changes is how is it cut and assembled.  Consider the gear you are currently wearing.  Start by looking at the threads on the outside. How many bar tacks do you see around the pull points such as the pocket corners? Innotex maximizes these stress points by placing a minimum of 8 high density bar tacks around the pockets. Also maximized is the stitch count that makes those bar tacks. Tightly stitched to insure durability.

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